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The Lightways Mission

o   Design, implement and maintain sleek, fast, unique and
     compelling World Wide Web sites and Intranets.

o   Register and host domain names.

o   Consult with and advise decision makers about the optimum
     approach to establishing a presence on an Intranet,
     the World Wide Web and the Internet.

o   Uphold the highest standards of integrity and professional
     competence in all activities.

o   Provide an organization honoring the sanctity of each
     individual and encouraging the spiritual and professional
     development of each member.

o   Generate financial abundance for the members of Lightways.

To achieve our goals, we employ knowledge of fields as diverse as network configuration, interface and graphic design, multimedia authoring, software development, business strategy, writing, marketing and project management. Because these functions encompass so many areas, they may be carried out by a team which we convene, rather than by a single Webmaster.

Oh dear - no Java!!!!

Webmaster Amir Garrison - phone 707-987-2370
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